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The people with the best people always win. Always.

Posted: Wed Nov 30 2016
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Technology? Yes, you have got to have the best, and you have to know how to use it. But the point of difference in recruitment is still people, and in my view that will increasingly be the case. Stands to reason. Everyone who is a serious player will be able to afford the best technology. But the business that attracts and retains the best recruiters — modern recruiters who build personal brand and influence outcomes — those recruiting firms will thrive. Talent is still the competitive advantage. Here is a strong, short video on my thoughts. Filmed speaking to a live audience of several hundred recruitment owners and managers. Find five minutes, settle down, and get your people plan in place! Key takeaways What technology can do, and cannot do. Technology won’t cover up the fact you have mediocre consultants. How to hire the right people. Maintaining a high performance culture. Plodders thrive where plodders are allowed to thrive. Many of your recruiters are working on the wrong things! Coaching, the massive industry blind spot. Performance management in recruitment. The disaster of living with long-term mediocrity