Increased Productivity, Performance and Profit comes from a Paradigm Shift in Behaviour

Neville is co-founder of Mind Fit, a team of experienced business, sport and education professionals focussed on helping an organisation improve its performance. Over 30 years in international oil&gas, construction and retail with companies such as Blue Circle, Sunoco, Ultramar, Lasmo and ENI and has a working knowledge of management consultancies like Accenture, E&Y and PwC. His unusual career included responsibility for development and sale of non-core assets covering land & property sales, retail and golf course development. A Finance professional with extensive experience in negotiating the business maze of commercial, social, political and environmental forces that influence all decisions. Neville is a thought-leader, collaborator, entrepreneur, team builder, author, non-exec, coach and mentor and is happiest when he sees people unlocking their potential. Favourite sayings "If you think you can, or you think you can't, your're right" ~ Henry Ford, "Business is simple, people make it difficult".